Forgotten Arts

A catch-all category for basic recipes and skills that I hope will be helpful to some!

  • Best Chicken or Turkey Broth, Everturkey: All you need are few scraps and bones, plus a little time for a wonderful chicken broth. Chicken broth is so expensive at the store, and if I may be frank, not always the best tasting stuff. Plus it is full of a lot of unsavory ingredients. Make your own and freeze for when you need it.
  • Bisquick Substitute: bisquickHere’s a basic recipe to make as little as a cup of home-made Bisquick or a larger amount to have on hand and use as needed. One of the perks of home-made Bisquick is that one can make it in the approximate proportions of fat to flour as our own recipes, so it can be as lean or as buttery as you’d like to have it.
  • Bread Crumbs006Is a recipe necessary? These include variations for fresh bread crumbs as well as toasted; Seasoned or Not, with a copy cat recipe for Progresso Bread Crumbs, and instructions on how to get a a bread crumb that is more like a Panko crumb. I generally throw my old bread in the food processor, but did you know, for those that don’t have one, bread crumbs can be grated?
  • Chorizo, home-made: 006Super simple to make in the food processor, I started making my own when it was impossible to find at the store, but I kept making it because it is so much more inexpensive. In making home-made, one is able to control the amount of meat to fat,too. This is a wonderful recipe, bursting with flavor, and Chorizo is a great building block for a number of other recipes. Best if used fresh rather than frozen.
  • Cream of Anything Soup: 300px-Campbells_cream_of_mushroomDirections for making just the right amount of a flavorful white sauce to use in any casserole or recipe calling for a canned cream soup. Cream of Mushroom, Celery or Chicken. The best part of making your own, besides the fact that it is inexpensive, is that you control the quality of the ingredients and the type added. No additives in these, either.
  • Croutons, Home-Made: Home-Made CroutonsThere are a number of things that are very expensive at the store, that once gotten home and opened, are a huge disappointment. Bagged or boxed croutons top my list of these types of horrors. Pennies and only minutes to make at home, these croutons are so good they’ll make your salad. Make extra, or there may not be enough left at serving time.
  • Chicken Noodle SoupHome Made Egg Noodles: One might think making egg noodles might be a big project requiring special equipment, but frankly, people have been making them for centuries on their kitchen table with little more than a rolling pin. They’re easier and quicker than one might guess and can be made for literally pennies. So while making every noodle for your family may not be feasible, making them for special dishes like Chicken and Dumplings or Chicken Noodle soup is a whole nother matter.
  • grandmaMake Your Own Casserole: Instructions, guidelines, hints and suggestions on how to create your own casseroles, customized to your tastes and your family’s. Casseroles are a great way to disguise left overs and stretch your food dollar and an understanding of quantities and types of ingredients allows you to create your own updated dishes. Tastier, healthier, today’s casseroles aren’t just for Grandma anymore.
  • White Sauces and What to Do with Them: White SauceAbsolutely a fundamental building block to a number of different recipes, a white sauce is as basic as a pair of jeans. Learn how to make white sauce, Bechamel and Mornay, how to trouble shoot, how they are used, as well as what to do with a bit of left over white sauce…
  • Yogurt, Home-Made: IMG_4193Quite simple to make at home with basic kitchen equipment (you will need a pot, a strainer and a thermometer) the taste of home-made yogurt is incomparable to the additive laden commercial brands. Best compared to the high-end brands, home-made yogurt is a fraction of the cost.

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